Yellow Ocher Dark



Yellow Ocher Dark

Rich transparent curry-yellow, orange undertone; a naturally-occurring prehistoric color still mined in France, composed of loam, ocher, limonite, trace minerals; essentially rust-stained clay. Used widely in pre-historic rock art, in such locations as Blombos, Chauvet, and Lascaux caves. Permanent, lightfast, non-toxic, mixes with all mediums and pigments; makes a quick-drying oil paint, but require more binder than most other pigments. Ocher transparency varies considerably; some are opaque, while others can be used as transparent glazes.

AKA: French ocher, Italian yellow earth, Spanish ocher, raw ochre, brown ochre, burnt ochre, burnt ore, chamois, Indian Red, yellow Ochre, [Jp]: odo [San]: sindhura, [Per]: ziniafr, [ME] oker [OF] ocre, ochre [L] ochra [Gk] ochra, [It] terra giallo, [Fr] ocre jaune foncé. NOTE: Ocher was once called ‘cinnabar’ but is no relation to either vermillion pigment or actual cinnabar.


5 grams Yellow Ocher Dark pigment: $0.75

Color Swatch & decorative circle painted in Yellow Ocher Dark by Elizabeth Comer


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