Yellow Ocher Dark


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Yellow Ocher Dark

Rich transparent curry-yellow, orange undertone; a naturally-occurring prehistoric color still mined in France, composed of loam, ocher, limonite, trace minerals; essentially rust-stained clay. Used widely in pre-historic rock art, in such locations as Blombos, Chauvet, and Lascaux caves. Permanent, lightfast, non-toxic, mixes with all mediums and pigments; makes a quick-drying oil paint, but require more binder than most other pigments. Ocher transparency varies considerably; some are opaque, while others can be used as transparent glazes.

AKA: French ocher, Italian yellow earth, Spanish ocher, raw ochre, brown ochre, burnt ochre, burnt ore, chamois, Indian Red, yellow Ochre, [Jp]: odo [San]: sindhura, [Per]: ziniafr, [ME] oker [OF] ocre, ochre [L] ochra [Gk] ochra, [It] terra giallo, [Fr] ocre jaune foncé. NOTE: Ocher was once called ‘cinnabar’ but is no relation to either vermillion pigment or actual cinnabar.

Color Swatch & decorative circle painted in Yellow Ocher Dark by Elizabeth Comer

  • Country of origin: France
  • Transparency: Semi-transparent
  • Lightfastness: Permanent to UV
  • Composition: Natural loam, limonite. CI Y43 (77492)
  • Chemical formula: Si02+A1203+Fe203

General protective measures:  

Always wear a dust mask, gloves, apron and eye protection.

These dry pigments are not sold for cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical or tattoo use.

Keep away from foodstuffs and drinks. Do not eat, drink or smoke during work. Wash hands before breaks and at the end of work. Do not allow children or pets to contact these art materials.

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Natural Earth


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