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International Shipping Update

(Domestic) packages ready to send, from us to you!

Dear Friends,

We have just completed a major update of our international shipping rates. The changes reflect new postal rates as of 2021, and a shift to US Postal Service International Priority Mail Express as our preferred means of shipping our products to other countries. This change enables us to provide insurance for larger shipments (limited under regular International Priority Mail), and to continue to provide service to a number of countries, such as Australia, where the USPS has suspended non-express mail services due to the pandemic’s impact on the global transportation network. We also believe this service will allow packages to be delivered more quickly.

Of course, this means, our international shipping prices will be changing. However, we’ve found that adding detail to our tables and using more up-to-date information means that in many cases, we can charge less for shipping larger orders than we did before despite the upgrade in service. So if you’ve been holding back on ordering things you need for your fall and winter projects, this might be good news all round!

Our domestic shipping rates have not changed. We are keeping open the possibility of adding more options for shipping, but we still find that the US Postal Service provides the most economical service, even for international destinations. We haven’t lost an order yet!

Thanks for your patience and support as we continue to navigate the global pandemic. Stay tuned for more updates on our autumn activities at Ancient Earth Pigments.