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Glass Mini-Mullers and Grinding Plates Are Back!

If you recently tried to order one of our unique glass mini-muller and grinding plate sets but found them out of stock, rejoice! We have some more, and are happy to offer them on line for you. The ground glass surface of the 4″x4″ plates and the approximately 1 cm2 working surface of the mini-mullers are perfect for working with small amounts of pigments, in, for example, manuscript illumination. See Anna’s making egg tempera demonstration on our YouTube channel for a demonstration of this set in use.

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Paint-Along Video, Summerland Beach

My painting friend Domingo and I took advantage of a very low morning spring tide last week to go paint at the beach, and we decided to make a paint-along video for you to enjoy. Some horseback riders came by! Please feel free to watch and make art based on this scene, or just enjoy the view and sound of the waves. If you do paint, please show us your work! Hope your spring is beautiful! – Linda

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AEP Paint-Along at Loon Point!

We hosted a paint-along for the Plein Air Live! conference in April 2021, using video we’d shot near sunset at Loon Point, South of Santa Barbara, CA. Enjoy! Be sure and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more video tutorials and demonstrations! We’d like to have 100 subscribers in order to get a custom channel name, to make it easier for you to share our link. Thanks for watching!