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New Product for 2023: Four-In-One Design Toolkit

We ran across this toolkit in use by another artist and were immediately taken with its utility and ease of use, and we’re delighted to be able to offer them to you now. In the field or in the studio, you can keep this set of cards close at hand with the convenient detachable lanyard; to check values, colors, and perspective. With these tools you can check alignment and perspective, set values, and find colors and their complements, instantly. Plus the lanyard has finely-resolved (1 mm and 1/16″) markings for precise measurements. They also make fine gifts for the artists in your life!

Stay tuned for more new product announcements! We have some more exciting things coming up this year.

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Paint-along Video, Point Conception

Has the long winter got you down, or is it keeping you away from your favorite painting sites? Paint along with Linda in the comfort of your own studio as the sun goes down, along the California coast near Point Conception. Or, just listen to the soothing sound of the waves and watch the glorious sunset. It was a chilly, windy day but the view was spectacular.

As always, like and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more updates. Stay tuned for upcoming new product announcements, and exciting new tutorials. Welcome Spring 2023!

It was a fleece-hat kind of day.
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We’re on a working vacation!

Ancient Earth Pigments was founded by members of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Mistress Flavia Beatrice Carmigiana and Master John ap Griffin (Bjo and John Trimble) to encourage students to learn and apply ancient and medieval techniques for painting, illustration, and illumination. We’re getting back to our roots this week by attending one of the biggest Society events in southern California, the Great Western War. We’ll be selling a selection of our products in person and Linda will be teaching an introductory class/demonstration on paint-making and painting technique.

Unfortunately while we’re away we won’t be able to ship out orders, so if you’ve ordered something recently there will be a small delay. Thanks for your patience. And if you’re at Great Western War, come by and see us on Merchant’s Row!

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Heart of Glass

The wait is over! Mini-mullers are once again in stock. This time, we have several choices for you.

Mini-mullers are perfect for mixing small amounts of paint, for illumination or miniatures, in combination with a ground glass plate. See our blog for a demonstration of mini-mullers in action making egg tempera paint!

Earlier this year, we enquired of a local lampwork artist if she would be interested in making some new mini-mullers to replenish our depleted stock. She responded enthusicastically and made a batch for us that included not only the plain mini-mullers that we sell as a set with the 4×4″ grinding plates, and some fancy lampwork mullers to add to our existing collection, but also some novel borosilicate glass mini-mullers, with a larger-gauge handle for better grip.

As is always the case with hand-made items, there is some variability in the individual pieces, so you can be assured of a completely unique item! Let us choose one for you today!