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Heart of Glass

The wait is over! Mini-mullers are once again in stock. This time, we have several choices for you.

Mini-mullers are perfect for mixing small amounts of paint, for illumination or miniatures, in combination with a ground glass plate. See our blog for a demonstration of mini-mullers in action making egg tempera paint!

Earlier this year, we enquired of a local lampwork artist if she would be interested in making some new mini-mullers to replenish our depleted stock. She responded enthusicastically and made a batch for us that included not only the plain mini-mullers that we sell as a set with the 4×4″ grinding plates, and some fancy lampwork mullers to add to our existing collection, but also some novel borosilicate glass mini-mullers, with a larger-gauge handle for better grip.

As is always the case with hand-made items, there is some variability in the individual pieces, so you can be assured of a completely unique item! Let us choose one for you today!

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Holiday Sale 2021

Black Friday? How about color-filled Friday, with pigments and tools and accessories from Ancient Earth Pigments!

Now through December 5th, enjoy a 20% discount on your purchase, before taxes and shipping. Use the code GIFT21 at checkout. Act soon to have the best chance of receiving your shipment before December 25th.

Here are some ideas for gifts for yourself or other artists. Our genuine Lapis Lazuli pigment is made from the same semiprecious stone as the famous ultramarine pigment of the Middle Ages. Our De Medici Red is a modern pigment that is nontoxic and makes a rich cadmium-like color. Our mixing and grinding tools include the 60mm and 75mm mortar and pestle sets, the #3 palette knife from Italy, and Italian glass and crystal mullers, as well as ground glass grinding plates.

Medieval Set
The Medieval French Historical set comes with 12 period pigments and is excellent as a starter set.
Our historical sets all come packaged in an attractive box suitable for gifts.

Best wishes to you and yours for the holidays from all of us at Ancient Earth Pigments!

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International Shipping Update

(Domestic) packages ready to send, from us to you!

Dear Friends,

We have just completed a major update of our international shipping rates. The changes reflect new postal rates as of 2021, and a shift to US Postal Service International Priority Mail Express as our preferred means of shipping our products to other countries. This change enables us to provide insurance for larger shipments (limited under regular International Priority Mail), and to continue to provide service to a number of countries, such as Australia, where the USPS has suspended non-express mail services due to the pandemic’s impact on the global transportation network. We also believe this service will allow packages to be delivered more quickly.

Of course, this means, our international shipping prices will be changing. However, we’ve found that adding detail to our tables and using more up-to-date information means that in many cases, we can charge less for shipping larger orders than we did before despite the upgrade in service. So if you’ve been holding back on ordering things you need for your fall and winter projects, this might be good news all round!

Our domestic shipping rates have not changed. We are keeping open the possibility of adding more options for shipping, but we still find that the US Postal Service provides the most economical service, even for international destinations. We haven’t lost an order yet!

Thanks for your patience and support as we continue to navigate the global pandemic. Stay tuned for more updates on our autumn activities at Ancient Earth Pigments.

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Glass Mini-Mullers and Grinding Plates Are Back!

If you recently tried to order one of our unique glass mini-muller and grinding plate sets but found them out of stock, rejoice! We have some more, and are happy to offer them on line for you. The ground glass surface of the 4″x4″ plates and the approximately 1 cm2 working surface of the mini-mullers are perfect for working with small amounts of pigments, in, for example, manuscript illumination. See Anna’s making egg tempera demonstration on our YouTube channel for a demonstration of this set in use.