Making Liquid Gum Arabic

Making Gum Arabic Resin binder used for tempera, watercolor and gouache; it stays water-soluble through the ages. Buy liquid gum in art stores or make your own from powdered gum. Making your own is far less expensive.  You need: Gum Arabic powder Distilled water (only necessary if your faucet water is alkaline) Small deep bowl […]

Making Watercolors & Gouache Paints

Making Glair (Egg-white Binder) for making watercolor paint. This binder makes transparent watercolors or gold-leaf adhesive. It’s a protein, so is water-soluble only while wet; fairly permanent when dry. You need: 1 egg white Small deep bowl Pipette* Whisk Lidded container Clove oil* Soapy water for dirty brushes Paper towels for cleanup Small trash bag […]