Prussian Blue


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Prussian Blue

Darkest of all blue pigments, the first modern man-made pigment, developed in 1706 in Germany. As with other pigment innovations, Prussian blue was basically a serendipitous accident.Prussian court artists were using the pigment in 1710. The first famous painters to use it included Pieter van der Werff and Antoine Watteau; the pigment was taken up by Japanese painters and woodblock print artists. Produced by oxidation of ferrous ferrocyanide salts; not toxic because the cyanide groups are tightly bound to iron. Because it is easily made, cheap, nontoxic, and intensely colored (as shown by the stained storage jar), Prussian blue was adopted as a pigment very soon after its invention and was almost immediately widely used in oil, watercolor, and dyeing. Lightfast, stable, mixes with any pigment, but can turn black in some mediums, sensitive to alkalis and instantly discolored by potassium hydroxide.

AKA: Antwerp blue, Berlin blue, blue ochre, bronze blue, chemic, chemick blue, Chinese blue, iron blue, midnight blue, Milori blue,Paris blue, Parisian blue, paste blue, steel blue, Turnbull’s blue. [Ger] Preußisch blau, Berlinisch blau  [Fr] bleu prussien, [It] blue di Prussia, azzuro di Berlino

Country of origin: Canada
Transparency: Transparent
Compatibility: Paints – not suitable for fresco
Lightfastness: I
Composition: Inorganic: ferriammonium ferrocyanide
MSDS/SDS not available

Safety Notes:

We aim to use an over-abundance of caution.  Follow these sensible guidelines.

First Aid Measures

General information:  Take affected persons out into the fresh air.

After inhalation: Supply fresh air.  The dust particles can cause mechanical irritation.

After skin contact: Wash with soap and rinse with plenty of water.

After eye contact: Rinse open eye for several minutes under running water.

After ingestion: Rinse mouth with water and drink plenty of water.

Containment & Cleaning up

Avoid formation and deposition of dust.

Take up mechanically and collect in suitable containers for disposal.

Do not pour down drain or toilet, protect water sources and soil.


Store in tightly sealed containers in a dry and cool room.  Store in a dry place.

Fire-Fighting Measures

Product itself does not burn. Use extinguishing media for surrounding fire

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