Cobalt Blue


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This brilliant blue is a modern pigment, used since the 18th century.

Country of origin: Germany
Transparency: Opaque
Compatibility: Paints, fresco, cement, ceramic
Lightfastness: 8
Composition: Cobalt aluminum oxide spinel

Safety Notes:

We aim to use an over-abundance of caution.  Follow these sensible guidelines.

First Aid Measures

General information:  Take affected persons out into the fresh air.

After inhalation: Supply fresh air.  The dust particles can cause mechanical irritation.

After skin contact: Wash with soap and rinse with plenty of water.

After eye contact: Rinse open eye for several minutes under running water.

After ingestion: Rinse mouth with water and drink plenty of water.

Containment & Cleaning up

Avoid formation and deposition of dust.

Take up mechanically and collect in suitable containers for disposal.

Do not pour down drain or toilet, protect water sources and soil.


Store in tightly sealed containers in a dry and cool room.  Store in a dry place.

Fire-Fighting Measures

Product itself does not burn. Use extinguishing media for surrounding fire

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