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AEP Paint-Along at Loon Point!

We hosted a paint-along for the Plein Air Live! conference in April 2021, using video we’d shot near sunset at Loon Point, South of Santa Barbara, CA. Enjoy! Be sure and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more video tutorials and demonstrations! We’d like to have 100 subscribers in order to get a custom channel name, to make it easier for you to share our link. Thanks for watching!

2 thoughts on “AEP Paint-Along at Loon Point!

  1. Great location!

    1. Thanks, Susan,
      We keep track of tides, currents and dynamic weather to get the safest and better beach views.
      Please subscribe to our YouTube channel. We need about 79 more subscribers in order to get our own ‘named’ channel instead of a string of letters and numbers. We’ll be posting more Paint Alongs and How To demos! ;oD

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