Red Ocher

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Warm red color used since prehistory, still mined in France.

Apple painted with red ocher by Elizabeth Comer



Warm red, slight orange undertone, composed of natural earth, ocher, iron oxide, trace minerals. A lively red prehistoric pigment that is still mined in France, it is lightfast, mixes with all mediums and pigments. Pieter Claesz, Vermeer and several other artists were very fond of this color.

AKA: Van Eyck red, [Fr] ocre rouge, [Pacific] ‘ele


An amazingly sophisticated larger-than-life cow painted 5,000 years ago with red ocher and chalk, in Somalialand, Africa.

 Anthropologists are rethinking earlier opinions about early ‘primitive’ cultures.



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  1. Elizabeth

    This is a nice warm, earthy red, precisely what you think of when you think about ochre. It’s not too brown toned either, as some brand’s versions of red ochre are.

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