Watercolor Palette Box, Small


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 5” W x 2 3/4” x 7/8” H, closed.  A smaller and lighter apron-pocket sized version.  Useful for an alternate set of colors for, say, portrait or historical colors.  Keep it in your glovebox, or as a super-light field box.  Room for a travel brush down the center.
A lightweight metal box with 2 sections of wells (lid and folding palette) for mixing and interior clips for holding Full Pans and Half Pans.  Holds four full pans on two sides (total of 8), or seven half pans per side (total of 14). OR a combination (2 half pans are slightly larger than 1 full pan) allowing artists to choose the volume of paint that suits their subject matter.  A handy finger loop on the bottom keeps it in hand.

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