Silver Graphite — NEW!


Intriguing graphite pigment with silver sheen.



Silver-gray polymorph of carbon with a strong black tone, sourced in North America. Used to make “pencil” brush sketches and tonal washes, to add subtle silvery sheen to paintings. Color stable in most mediums; mixes with all mediums and pigments, opaque, lightfast.

Graphite is an ancient art medium. Natural chunks of graphite can still be found in stream beds around the world. Ask any local rockhound or rock shop if you have graphite in your area. It makes a good family outing; just give the kids a small bag in which to carry their treasure.

Current source for our graphite is in the USA.

AKA: Silver Plumbago

Price: 5 gm Silver Graphite: $0.75

Swatches painted by Elizabeth Comer


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