Pipettes, 1 ml


These tiny pipettes are 1 ml droppers made of a white, translucent, chemically inert, non-toxic polyethylene material. This dropper has no increment markings on the side. Artists do not generally work in sensitive environments, so these pipettes are not sterile.

We use pipettes to transfer drops of water or binder to grinding plate for pigment mixing.

They are also useful for micro-measuring liquids, fragrances, essential oils, cosmetics materials, candle-making colors, cleaning air-brush equipment, adding extra color and/or flavor to cupcakes and fruit, watering small plants, and even (minus liquid) to pouf air into sewing machines and sergers to get that annoying bit of lint, as well as for feeding tiny kittens, puppies, hamsters and other fuzzy and furry friends of the animal kingdom,

Clean pipettes by squishing the bulb several times in clean warm water. When working with egg tempra, keep a small cup of clean water next to the egg yolk cup, to clean the pipette between each use. If pipette gets too dirty or clogged up, just recycle it.

Five pipettes for $0.75, ten pipettes for $1.50

NOTE: See also 3.5 ml pipettes



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