Mayan Purple — NEW!


Created from an ancient Mayan process, it’s the brightest purple we have found so far.


Rich bright modern purple replicated from an ancient Mayan process. Manufactured in the US, a hybrid organic/inorganic fixed on a clay base to create an inorganic pigment.

Paint is opaque when mixed, slight staining, cool tone, dark value, good tinting strength.

This is the brightest purple we have found so far. Supplies are limited; production may not continue much longer.

Tester E.C. says, “I really like this purple, it leans towards blue. Was a little difficult to mull, and like Kermes Crimson has a tendency to be streaky, although it’s easier to tame.

Price: 5 gm Mayan Purple Pigment: $1.50

Color swatch and amethyst crystal painted by Elizabeth Comer


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