Lori Orange — NEW!



(formerly Mummy Brick Red Light)

Saturated red-orange color that looks very much like newly-made bricks, composed of quartz, iron, aluminum, trace minerals from Lori, Armenia. Formerly named Mummy Brick Red Light, it is NOT really made from mummies! We have no idea how the Armenians name their colors, but we changed the name to Lori Brick Red. Transparent, good lightfastness, warm tone, good tinting strength, lifts well. Brightest and most saturated of all the earth oranges. Similar to: Aurora Orange, Terre Pozzouli, Rich Rust Red (formerly Mummy Brick Red Dark). For a bright deep gold, mix this color with Buckthorn yellow.

Tester EC says “I’ve fallen in love with Lori Brick Red (formerly Mummy Brick Red Light), it’s beautiful and so bright for an earth color. I am thinking of what to paint with it that would show off its full potential.”

 Price: 5 gm Lori Brick Red: $0.75

Iris painted in Lori Brick Red by Elizabeth Comer


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