Kermes Crimson

Beautiful bright red named for the brilliant kermes insect dye color.


Medium bright red with strong blue undertone, a modern pigment of organic oxide azo fixed on a mineral base, from Italy. So named because the color is supposed to replicate ancient kermes insect dye color.

Semi-transparent, lightfast, cool tone. Makes a good substitute for carmine or rose madder.

Makes beautiful purple with ultramarine,

Tester E.C. says “No different to most synthetic organics, it behaves in a very different way to earth colors.┬áThis color took a lot of work to mull, and when using it with gum arabic I added a drop of rubbing alcohol to help disperse it. Even then I ended up with a few specks of unincorporated pigment in the end. Even when well mulled though, for some reason it was very hard to make smooth brush strokes with it no matter the medium used, so I found it a little difficult to work with.”


AKA: Medium red crimson, carmine, [Fr] cramoisi rouge moyen, carmine rouge

Price: 5 gm Kermes Crimson Pigment: $0.75


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