Carnelian Orange

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Earthy medium-pale orange; mixed in France from ocher-based organic minerals. Though orange is not mentioned on a medieval artist’s palette, it was known in Europe at that time, though usually referred to as ‘red’ as in red hair, or ‘yellow-red’ as in clothing, or called ‘Chinese apple.’ It was used in many paintings, and as an ocher-based stucco colorant on a lot of buildings around the Mediterranean, due to its sunny light refraction. Portuguese merchants brought the first orange trees to Europe, along with the Sanskrit naranga, which became “orange” in English. This lively orange is lightfast, mixes with all mediums and pigments.

AKA: Apricot, orange ocher light, Titian orange, [Fr] abricot

Carnelian Orange, 5 gm: $0.75


Carnelian orange ice cream cone painted by Elizabeth Comer


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Weight 5 g

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  1. Elizabeth

    A very smooth light orange color that goes nicely with the pink ochre.

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