Canary Yellow


Canary Yellow bloom painted by Elizabeth Comer


Description: Bright lemon-rind yellow, very slight green undertones. The intense color resembles weld (Reseda luteola), a bright yellow dye.

Composition: Yellow rutile, goethite on a mineral base.

Use: Substitute for toxic yellow Renaissance pigments such as orpiment (arsenic sulfide), massicot, or gamboge (a toxic plant)

History: Modern. Rutile is the strongest and most permanent white pigment known. Yellow goethite, a natural mineral was used by artists in the Lascaux cave.

Current Source: Belgium

Stability: Mixes well with most pigments and mediums

Transparency: Semi-transparent

Flocculation: Low

Lightfastness: Good

Staining/Lifting: Lifts well

Coverage/Tinting Strength: Good

Tone: Cool

Value: Light

Price: 5 gm Canary Yellow: $0.75

Notes: Canary yellow, cerulean blue, and vermilion red are a good triad of primary colors. Good for mixing bright greens with a bit of blue, muted greens with a bit of brown, and oranges with a bit of red.



Medieval squirrel on his little yellow house in a rather busy garden.


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Weight 5 g


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