Buckthorn Berries Ripe

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(Rhamnus infectoria)

Description: Transparent bright green to olive green, yellow undertone

Composition: Dried ripe berries – no relation to sea buckthorn berries (see also Buckthorn Berries Green under “green pigments”)

History: used in medieval illuminations, watercoloring

Current Source: North America

Stability: Fugitive, will fade in sunlight. May not mix with all pigments or mediums so experiment before beginning a project

Transparency: Transparent

Flocculation: Low

Lightfastness: Good

Staining/Lifting: Lifts well

Mixing Suggestions:

Tone: Warm

Value: Light

Coverage/Tinting Strength: Good

AKA: Persian berry, French berry, yellow carmine; Avignon berries; yellow berries, [Fr] verde de vescica

Note: The name of these berries has been changed to indicate the color achieved. Seems some customers found “ripe” and “unripe” too confusing. That said, there is not a lot of difference between ripe and unripe berry colors, except by a few shades.

Price: 5 gm Buckthorn Berries 2: $1.25

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Weight 5 g

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  1. Elizabeth

    I’m so glad you carry these! The unripe buckthorn makes the brightest yellow lake, but the ripe berries make a beautiful olive green when boiled down.

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