A list of some of our suppliers, customers, and associated businesses you may be interested in visiting. We are always looking for more craftspeople who can produce on order but not mass-produce. Those who don’t want to be their own sales-people, so if you are one or know of one, please let us know.



We work with very talented individuals who make useful items for our catalog, test the paints, and otherwise be useful folk who contribute to making Ancient Earth Pigments wonderful. Here are some of our good people:

Teryljean Basinger: Artist, mother, gourmet cook, teacher, and gardener; a remarkably creative person. She has been invaluable in trying out pigment colors to see how well they mix in water and gum Arabic, in egg yolk, and in glair (egg white). Teryl designed the three-part color test you will see in much of the catalog, to show how each pigment works with different binders. We are fortunate to have her working with us.

Janet Winterer’s special mini-mullers

Janet Winterer, high-mountain Colorado artist, makes our one-of-a-kind lampworked glass mini-mullers, only 1.5” to 2” high, for working with very small amounts of colored earth pigments. She outdid herself in creating mullers so beautiful that you can wear them as pendants. When ordering, tell us if a specific color is desired; no guarantees but we’ll try to choose a mini-muller you’ll love. Janet also produces exotic glass beads as well as buttons for wearable art embellishment or other fiber decoration.


Unicorn Fiber Arts now carries Ancient Earth Pigments products to historical re-enactment events as well as to other Southern California street events. They offer knitting, kumihimo, and brewing kits as well as other creative products handmade by local artists!

Griffin Dyeworks & Fiber Arts is John & Bjo Trimble’s former business enterprise, now owned by Theresa Wollenstein. Griffin Dyeworks offers natural dyes, mordants, and handmade fiber arts tools for modern makers and historical enthusiasts.


Elizabeth Comer, an artist who sort of fell into our arms. She has tested many of our colors with different kinds of binders. The results are posted on some pigment pages; more coming up!