New Owner for Ancient Earth Pigments!

Santa Barbara artist, Linda Nelson, is the new owner of the business. We are making the transition now. There are a lot of fiddley bits involved in handing over the pigments, the containers and all the paperwork involved. Give us some time to help Linda get organized.

We are very pleased with this transaction. Linda is younger than we are, with some even younger interested helpers.

So when the dust settles, and we mean that literally, AEP will open for business again. This will be soon, so watch this space!

Thanks to all who have supported the Trimbles all these years. AEP is not going completely out of our lives. We’ll still be around as “advisors”

Bjo will still teach pigment classes at SCA events and wherever she is invited to do so.

7 thoughts on “New Owner for Ancient Earth Pigments!

  1. I’m so sorry to learn about your family struggles. I wish I would have discovered your shop before now! Even though I am a new customer, I am very sorry to see you go. I wish your family the best of luck, good health and happiness!!
    ~Samantha V

    1. Thank you so much for your sympathy. Our family struggles aren’t such a surprise if you know that John is 82 and I’m 85. Yeah, I’m a cougar! We are discussing with an online pigment teacher to sell the bulk of our colors. If this happens, we’ll be sure to tell everyone. Also, Griffin Dyeworks & Fiber Arts will carry some of our colors, for awhile. I’m keeping some, of course, for my own workshops and classes.

  2. Bjo, sorry to hear about struggles with health. Please message me on FB.
    YIS, Lian

  3. This has been a wonderful project! It gave me a rare opportunity to learn about the personalities and quirks of a wide range of pigments. I just saw the notice that you are closing. I wish you well in future endeavors and thank you for this one! I am putting together a final order today; sorry to skate so close to your final line, but I’m glad I saw this before you closed for good.

  4. Yes retreat is best in face of the inevitable enemy. Hey, I’m 78!
    But you two remain my model. True to heart!

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