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John & Bjo in Skylab model, Air & Space Museum, Washington DC

November, 2016

A lot has happened since we last wrote any news. This year was the 50th anniversary of a phenomenally long-lasting TV concept, Star Trek. Since we have been involved as fans for all these years, it was a pleasure to be invited to several events, including Treklanta (in – where else? – Atlanta, Georgia), San Diego Comic Con, the Las Vegas Star Trek convention, and the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. We loved the Air and Space Museum, and its larger displays in the Udvar-Hazy Air and Space Museum.

At these events, we were expected to pass on arcane knowledge on how to organize and direct a “Save Star Trek” campaign for other causes. It came as a surprise to many that the general outline of such a project has not changed, but the playing field has undergone a drastic metamorphosis. With the advent of the Internet, there is really no limit to what people can do if they are determined enough. It takes staying power, and a good partner as support. In some inexplicable way, we’ve managed to have those two important necessities, which is probably why we’ve been married 56 years.

Be that as it may, we hope this will explain the reason — not the excuse — for our long silence. We’ll try not to do it again. However, we’ve turned out to be faulty bloggers at best, and will not try such long communications from now. News updates will be what you get.


With an Apollo suit in the Udvar-Hazy Museum

Meanwhile, back at Ancient Earth Pigments headquarters (one corner of the sewing room), we are making slow changes to this site. Neither of us is a computer tech, so when we can’t get our ACG (Amazing Computer Guru) to come help, we bumble around on our own. With somewhat indifferent results a lot of the time.

Unfortunately, we cannot change the square format of photos so we can’t use the really beautiful color swatches painted by Teryl Basinger. Yet. We’ll find a way.  

We’re also adding exciting new colors. We’ve got the colors now, but they’ve not been cataloged yet. It takes photos, writing descriptions, and getting color swatches to show off the colors. 

Artists who have used our colors are invited to send photos of their work, which we’d like to publish. Please give your name, and if you have a website or blog. Also what colors you used. We very much appreciate seeing artwork, and are willing to give your projects a nod on our website and Facebook page. Your personal information will not be published.

Thanks to all who sent in gentle — and not so gentle — criticism about this website. They are much appreciated and are being addressed as soon as we can get to them all. Comments and critiques are very welcome. Yes, really. — John & Bjo


Our little grinding plate and mini-muller, working on cerulean blue pigment.






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