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John & Bjo Trimble

There have been many changes in our lives this year. A major item was selling Griffin Dyeworks & Fiber Arts to Theresa W, who moved it to the other end of San Fernando Valley.The separation from  Griffin Dyeworks is a friendly one. This is a bitter-sweet decision, but the business needs new blood, and we need a rest. It’s a good thing.

We kept the smaller Ancient Earth Pigments (AEP) business. Well, it’s small now, but we have lots of plans. This includes the new website, a blog, and a Facebook presence, as well as reaching teachers and home school teachers, with new historical kits.

We will, of course, still work with Theresa on dye workshops. There are still one-day Fiber Frolics and weekend Fiber Retreats, at which I will teach and John will sell Griffin Dyeworks as well as Ancient Earth Pigments merchandise. This is very much a part of our lives.

It’s been a long time getting this business separated from Griffin Dyeworks & Fiber Arts, mainly because we had to learn how to get everything online. It was not just a “simple matter” of picking out all the Ancient Earth Pigment products from the Griffin Dyeworks website. It is never that simple! We could have gotten someone else to do all this for us, but then we’d never know how to manage our own website. Of course we still have Theresa acting as our computer guru, so we can ask anxious questions when something doesn’t work right.

Meanwhile, rest, have fun, and be kind to yourself.

Oh, one last thing… We’re discussing a blog title. I like “Down to Earth”, but John thinks “Playin’ in Dirt” sounds more fun. What do you think? We’d like to hear from everyone with an opinion on our suggested blog titles.

— John & Bjo Trimble

NOTE: The photo of us was taken a year ago by daughter Lora, on the beach in Hawai’i.


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