News Notes


We have exciting new pigments from Armenia to show off! The colors are supplied by an Armenian company, Agulis, which mainly offers them for building and conservation purposes. The pigments are found in mountain rocks and deep ravines that are not easily reached except by the most hearty hikers. We do not fit in that job description. Browse through our color categories to find some unusual new colors.

Also, we have broadened our pigment research to include several more suppliers, so there will shortly be more new colors added. Some of the colors are distinctly modern, which are useful to those who enjoy creating greeting cards and wedding certificates, etc. But we have also added a few more Medieval and Renaissance colors, too. So watch our website for these additions, too.

Among other news notes is a list of our Associates: people without whom we would not be able to function. This includes Janet Winterer, the Colorado artist who creates our mini-mullers and Elizabeth Comer, who has produced our amazing new pigment swatches. Watch this space!

We have new kits! They make an interesting introduction to many of our new colors. We’ve added a Paint-Mixing kit as well. Also, the A kit and B kit was too confusing, so we’ve revamping the whole kit section.

Other news is that on July 9, John and I have been married for 57 years. We have three darling adult daughters to show for our efforts, and consider that we’ve had a few other interesting adventures during these five decades. Not too bad for a couple with no instruction manual for either marriage or parenting!

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